Stephen Fry

The Fry Chronicles: An Autobiography

“It is a life, I suppose, as interesting or as uninteresting as anyone else's. It is mine and I can do what I like with it.”

Stephen Fry is a self-proclaimed entertainer as he lacks the stomach to be an artist. The Fry Chronicles: An Autobiography  picks up where Moab is My Washpot dropped us, the doorstep of Cambridge University.

Once he dispenses with his apologies and a few vices, Fry slips into memories of collegiate days. During this time he befriends Rowan Atkinson, Ben Elton, the indomitable Emma Thompson and his long-time friend, Hugh Laurie. Fry dedicated the book to Laurie.

Fry’s gift, in performance and writing, is his painful honesty. He is vulnerable but not helpless. His self-effacing, intelligent and approachable demeanor have made him a beloved cultural icon. I wish I could gift him to people who need him most. Especially those suffering from mental illnesses, I often think, if Stephen Fry can survive…

Also from Stephen Fry, a clear and warm guide to reading and writing poetry, something Fry considered a “primal urge” in all of us.