The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry

“I lack the peace of simple things.”

A carefully crafted and culled collection of poems from Wendell Berry’s long career and various publications including The Broken Ground, Openings and The Wheel.
Wendell Berry (b. 1934), an American poet, wrote deeply felt poems about humanity and nature. Like the mid-century writings of biologist and writer Rachel Carson, and many others, Berry felt nature was a part of humankind: hands as roots, bodies as soil, our feet in the ground. He is mournful, watchful, notices things present and missing.

Berry is also urgent, “lacking the peace of simple things.” Berry’s poetry, his weighty words, remind me of English poet John Clare, who wrote a century earlier but was equally caring yet unsentimental about nature, humanity and the restlessness of those awake to suffering.

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