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Autumnal Rivets (and an anniversary!) – October 21 ’19

Late autumn is my favorite time. A shimmering moment between change. Like a rivet fastening the compounding layers of life. Read more


Decaying Matters – August 08

The falling apart. The breaking down. The return to elements. Out of the realm of recognition to simply matter. And then, to not matter at all. Read more



The Last Words – July 24

On death, Sigmund Freud was certain, there is nothing to know. It is the greatest uncertainty of all, our unknowable real mortality.  Read more


Where do we look to see ourselves – July 10

Where do we look to see ourselves? What reflections do we see?  Read more


Places we feel safe – June 26

I’ve been exploring places that make us feel safe. By ‘place’ I mean anywhere we exist. Could be a daydream, memory, in the arms of a lover, or in one’s own kitchen. Read more

Things that affect us – May 29

So much wants to affect us lately that we are in serious danger of being unaffected. Read more


Dealing with our expanded consciousness  РApril 24

Human consciousness has expanded recently.

A thing that seemed eternal – Notre Dame Cathedral – burned while we felt captured by the images. Meanwhile, scientists released the first photo of a black hole. Read more


Make something special through caring – March 27

We make things special through caring. Things ordinary and unexceptional become extraordinary. Read more


Holding both joy and sorrow – March 06

The complexity of human emotion allows us to hold joy and sorrow and move forward in balance. Read more


A singular focus on the Eternal – February 20

Existence is a richly-threaded quilt into which we stitch our being and from which we take comfort and inspiration. Read more



Wisdom from the Elders and the Ancients – February 06

When we question the future we look to the past. Contained there are answers, direction, wisdom, and assurances.
Read more


Thriving at the intersection of cold and warmth – January 23

January’s end.
We inch towards warmth and light yet some of us are content to be chilled and shadowed. Read more