What is The Examined Life?

The Examined Life is a collection of worldly wisdom and personal thoughts. It’s about shared feelings, habits, beliefs, and passions. It’s about the things we have in common across the things we don’t.

The Examined Life is about humanity (by way of snails, cemeteries, grief, home, ceramics, and the pleasures of life.)

It is my own research, writing, editing, media, definitely my own mistakes. However, the wisdom is everyone’s.

Please linger, wander, and simply exist. Find commonalities with Marcus Aurelius. Or John Steinbeck. Or Maya Angelou. Or someone new, like Marianne Moore.

Or me.

We have much in common, across the things we don’t. Focusing on that commonality, that humanity, is a special thing. A focus on the eternal. It’s worth my time and hopefully a bit of yours.



(Who am I? Find out.)

Examined Life