Sidney Lumet

Making Movies

“This is a book about the work involved in making movies.”

Director Sidney Lumet’s unassuming book Making Movies is simply written, effortlessly organized, casually connected and yet it delivers a mountain of insight on a marvelous topic. How are movies made? What is the deal with actors? What are rushes? How are shots determined? And (I’ve always wondered) what does the director do? (Not to mention, what was Kate Hepburn really like?)

Sidney Lumet (1924-2011) was an impassioned director who loved his actors, loved his work and mostly, love his movies. Lumet gathered the best people into the room and nurtured their best selves.

Were I to choose 10 most important movies of the 20th century, Lumet’s 12 Angry Men would contend. It is an symphony of talent, emotion, and personality. All the actors, words, and actions working together to urge, press, cajole and convince us to, as Lumet writes in this book: “Listen.”