Mark Strand

The Weather of Words: Poetic Inventions

“A poem encourages slowness, urges us to savor each word. It is in poetry that the power of language is most palpably felt.”

Mark Strand (1934 – 2014) was one of the most influential poets of the 20th century. He was the US Poet Laureate in 1990 and
his 1999 book Blizzard of One won the Pulitzer Prize. The Weather of Words is an endearing collection of prose and essays written about poetry and being a poet.

The Weather of Words is Strand and his poetry, clasped together. It is peek behind the curtain into his motivations, inspirations and the single point of beginning of his poetry and truly, himself as a poet.

Artists exploring their crafts, in full view of us the audience, are exceptional finds. Accompany Strand’s writing on poetry with sculptor Barbara Hepworth’s retrospective on a lifetime carving modern forms and figures or Director Sidney Lumet’s gloriously clear yet illustrative Making Movies.